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Feb. 7, 2008   Cabela's store delayed further

Wheat Ridge location ruled out this year and next; city doesn't regret


Cabela's outdoor store won't be coming to Colorado in the next two years, and

plans beyond 2009 are not firm.

"As of today, we have no plans to open a store in Wheat Ridge in 2008 or in 2009,"

Cabela's spokesman John Castillo said Wednesday.

As for when the "retail destination showroom" might open southwest of Interstate

70 and Colorado 58, Castillo said Cabela's is focusing on plans for the next two


Last week, Wheat Ridge officials understood there would be a one-year delay. At

the time, Castillo said "uncertain economic conditions" forced the delay.

Wheat Ridge had estimated that it would receive a couple hundred thousand

dollars in sales-tax revenues this year with Cabela's original opening date of


The city estimated that sales-tax revenues in 2009 would jump to $1 million when

Cabela's 40-acre parcel and the adjacent 190-acre commercial site were developed.

The revenue loss "means we won't be doing a lot of major capital projects," said

Wheat Ridge city manager Randy Young.

Still, money the city and Jefferson County have pumped into area road

improvements is worth it, and development eventually will occur.

"The $10 million that we have put into completing the I-70/Colorado 58

interchange has been part of the county plan for a really long time," said Kathy

Hartman, chairwoman of the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners.

Wheat Ridge spent $2.45 million on widening Youngfield Street near the Cabela's


"I understand Cabela's has financial needs," said Wheat Ridge Mayor Jerry

DiTullio, "but the state of Colorado does not have a quick and efficient way to

allocate money to support road projects to spur economic development, and it took

too long for CDOT (the Colorado Department of Transportation) and the state to

fund these public improvements."

Castillo said Cabela's "will continue to work very closely with Wheat Ridge to

evaluate the opportunity. We will proceed with our expansion at a revised pace,

based on the current economy." Cabela's has blamed a slowing national economy

for pulling back on expansion plans. Last week, the company said it would whittle

seven stores that were to open this year to just two, with two more in 2009.

Written by Ann Schrader, Denver Post.

Ann Schrader: 303-278-3217 or

Cabelas's Update:

Thursday, March 8, 2007-

Federal Highway Administration issued a FONSI (Finding Of No

Significant Impact) for the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the

I-70/32nd Avenue Interchange project (Cabela's).  This means that

Wheat Ridge and Cabela's can move forward with plans to construct a

store just south of SH 58 and west of Interstate 70.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2006-

Colorado Dept. of Transportation and the Federal Highway

Administration have released the Environmental Assessment (EA) for

the I-70/32nd Avenue Interchange project (Cabela's).  To view the

Executive Summary of the EA, please click here.  The entire EA is

available for download by clicking here.  It is also available for viewing

at the following locations:

Federal Highway Administration, Colorado Division, 12300 W. Dakota Ave.,

Suite 180, Lakewood

Colorado Department of Transportation R6, Environmental,

2000S. Holly St., Denver

Colorado Department of Transportation North Engineering R6,

4670 N. Holly St., Denver

City of Wheat Ridge, Public Works Department, 7500 W. 29th Avenue,

Wheat Ridge

City of Lakewood, Public Works Department, 480 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood

Jefferson County, Highway and Transportation Division, County Administrator's

Office, Board of County Commissioner's Office, 100 Jefferson County Parkway,


Belmar Library, 555 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood

Golden Library, 1019 Tenth St., Golden

Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th Avenue, Lakewood

Wheat Ridge Library, 5475 W. 32nd Avenue, Wheat Ridge

The 45 day comment period for the EA began Wednesday, Oct. 25 2006

and ended Thursday, Dec. 8 2006. 

Please see below for more information about the EA. 

Click here to go to the Cabela's Wheat Ridge project website.

To read the Oct. 27 Denver Post article about the EA, click here.

On Monday, August 14, 2006 Wheat Ridge City Council approved the

Outline Development Plan, Final Development Plan, and Final Plat for

the Cabela's development.  This develoment will be located on a 178

acre site just south of SH 58 and west of Interstate 70.  Wheat Ridge

has stipulated that all necessary traffic improvements be completed

prior to a certificate of occupancy being issued by the city;  Cabela's

has agreed to this stipulation.  The traffic improvements included in

the stipulation are :

I-70 westbound hook ramps

40th Avenue underpass of I 70

Widening of 32nd Avenue

Construction of Cabela Drive through the development from 32nd

Avenue to SH 58

SH 58/Cabela Drive interchange

This stipulation does not include the two missing ramps from I 70 to

SH 58 (eastbound SH 58 to westbound I-70; eastbound I-70 to

westbound SH 58.)  The I-70/SH 58 interchange is anticipated to be

under construction by January 2007 with the majority of the work to

becompleted within 12 months.  The EB I-70 to WB SH 58 flyover ramp

is expected to require up to two years for completion.     

At the FIA Annual Meeting held March 27, 2006 Wheat Ridge, CDOT, and

Jefferson County presented an update on the status of the Cabela's project.  To

view their combined presentation, please click here.

The Traffic Impact Study (May 10, 2006) for the Cabela's project has been

released.  It can be viewed by clicking here.  Be aware that this is a large file

(28 MB), and can take a long time to download, especially on a dial-up internet


The Cabela's project in the Clear Creek Valley is now entering the Environmental

Assessment (EA) phase.  Cabela's, in conjunction with FHU (their traffic

consultant), has determined what they deem to be the best alternative, based on

the traffic flow indicators, although all the alternatives will be considered in the

EA.  The Environmental Assessment criteria are now being applied to the

alternatives to determine the aspects that will survive to establish the final  access

to the Cabela's site. 

Cabela's and FHU held an Open House on Nov. 30, 2005.  A variety of information

was presented at the Open House regarding the traffic alternatives.  Cabela's and

FHU have decided that alternative #2 is their preferred alternative.  This

alternative includes an interchange on SH 58 west of Eldridge St. connecting to

Cabela Drive, as well as connecting to 44th Ave.  Improvements would also be

made to the I-70/32nd Avenue intersection.  Both W. 32nd Ave. and Youngfield St.

would be widened in the area of I-70.  The eastbound I-70 on/off ramps would

move south to about 27th Ave.  The existing eastbound I-70 on ramp at 38th Ave.

would be eliminated.  Westbound I-70 traffic accessing the Cabela's development

would utilize new hook ramps north of 32nd Ave.

To view all the alternatives, please go to:


Cabela's Wheat Ridge Project Information Web Site